About Symphony Business Services LLC

At Symphony Business Services LLC, we use our unparalleled training as a Certified Tax Coach to save successful small business owners, entrepreneurs, doctors, and professional athletes thousands of dollars in taxes every year. We know how to identify special tax credits, uncover hidden deductions, and leverage little-known loopholes to significantly reduce your tax obligations so you pay less taxes.

Certified Tax Coach

Tracy Janssen EA

Tracy Janssen, EA

Tracy’s love-affair with numbers dates back to her childhood when her mom would bring home inventory sheets and pay her to help add them. She eventually found herself working in an office environment constantly asking for more accounting-related tasks. Her boss soon pressed her to enroll in college—and that’s exactly what she did, earning her Bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2009.

After graduating—and armed with decades of experience in the workforce—Tracy started her tax practice in Las Vegas in 2012 and hasn’t stopped advocating for taxpayers since. From saving a client $120,000 annually on the first tax plan she created—to wiping out $80,000 of tax debt for a client after noticing an auditor had mishandled his foreclosure—Tracy’s nuanced understanding of numbers and tax law makes her a force to be reckoned with when it comes to negotiating with the IRS on behalf of her hardworking clients.